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A while ago I spoke with Mal Harper, the founder and owner of MalLabel Music, and Skulltrane, a local dubstep producer you’ve possibly seen tearing it up. They both love this bass music scene we’re all a part of, and gave me a ton of good insight into it from their one-of-a-kind perspectives. Listen to the edit to find out why the cuts in the Bay are so raw and why the competition is a good thing, straight from the mouth’s of two of the scenes biggest names.

MalLabel Music is maintained from a secret location in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, but you can check them on their website. Skulltrane can be found at your favorite party, or heard on her Soundcloud.

Songs heard in edit: “Purple Gangsta”- Dr. Knobz (DZ Remix), “Dr. Wre”- Zombie J, “Bad Boy”- 6Blocc (Blackheart Remix); all courtesy of MalLabel Music.


A couple weeks ago I sat down with blogger and SF State student Lina Abascal and we chatted about San Francisco’s ever growing love of dubstep. She’s originally from L.A. and had some interested insights into that scene as well, and we both agreed there are some differences in a couple different aspects of the music.

Lina is a new intern for SFWeekly’s All Shook Down but has owned her own website,, for years and has been writing for culture hub for a while now too.

The audio above is a chopped version of the interview that get’s straight to the good stuff. Check out what she had to say about bass in the bay and what can be done to keep San Francisco’s dubstep scene thriving.