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Helicopter Showdown. I think the local gang of producer’s moniker say’s it all. It’s a pretty badass name.

The other day on Squitty Bubbler, a dubstep release site, the group released a track called “Dramatron.” The song was previewed a couple weeks ago on Showdown’s Soundcloud, but on Friday was posted in it’s powerful entirety, free for download.

It’s spacey and melodic in the beginning, but punches in with a constant wall of bass that hits the core. It’s got some halting cuts that are sure to throw you on your heels. It rides like a low end caravan of filthy subs. It’s pretty damn good.

Many people, though, have been saying it sounds a bit too familiar. Commenters on the S.F. based groups Soundcloud and on Squitty Bubbler have been drawing comparisons to a familiar Flux Pavilion track. Squitty Bubbler commenter Kaniform said, “Big tune, but, bare similar to “Bass Cannon.”” Soundcloud user Stasis touched on the same point, “Too similar to “Bass Cannon.” I know you’re more clever than this, Helicopter Showdown.”

After a couple side by side listens, they admittedly do sound fairly similar. The melodic parts have similar aspects, and the bass lines during the drop might as well be twins.

This brings up a question that comes up in any genre. Similar tones, sounds, samples; is it biting or is it inspired by? And where’s the line drawn? Now, obviously there are no clear answers. No one knows if all the horror-punk bands that came after the Misfits are imposters, or if Lady Gaga is just a regenerated Madonna. But the fact is influences and musical aspects tend to cross hairs tightly, especially in the tiny sub-genres that bass music has sprouted off.

There’s plenty of theorizing and internet arguments that could attempt to unravel those questions of originality. But the bottom line is this song is being written about because I like it. It’s a banger. Those bass rockets could carry me off to heaven for all I care.

So cheers, Helicopter Showdown. Keep ’em coming.

Check out “Dramatron” right here on Squitty Bubbler. Listen to “Bass Cannon” also.

On March 14, their collaboration with Sluggo, Hostages, with be available on Beatport through Ultragore recordings.

Photo from: Helicopter Showdown Facebook