We’ll probably be seeing a lot of this guy shortly, so here’s a heads up.

Rudebrat, known to some as Jake Bratrude, just recently joined forces with the Vital SC management team. The newly welcomed producer lives in Santa Cruz and goes to the UC there, but something tells me the venues of SF will soon be his second home.

After scoping a few tracks on his Soundcloud it’s easy to see why they welcomed his talent. His sound is an orgy of high intensity genres that is developed and ready for a packed venue.

His songs are a mix of the natural power of classical piano chords, the ADHD of glitch, the low-end of dubstep, and the inspiring synths of trance. And once in a while we get hit with a taste of metal; the squealing notes of a guitar solo or the repetitious chugs of a drop tuned guitar, watch out for screams as well.

This amalgamation of sound and style is  heard in artists like Wolfgang Gartner, Skirllex and Deadmau5, who all touch bases with the label Mau5trap. It’s a high energy combination of upbeats and breakdowns, melodies and mash ups, thats morphing style keeps it from getting too repetitious and boring like many electronic songs are prone to do.

He doesn’t have any show booked as of now, but that could soon change. Vital has become a staple name to the San Francisco dubstep scene after bringing top notch names to the Bay Area and being responsible for events like Wobbleland. They’re always around, such as High Rankin on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for the name Rudebrat.

Not many producers look to technical math-metal for a remix, but that’s what makes this so good. Abducted’s “Rings of Saturn” gets equipped with some sub-bass, but still holds on to those brutal riffs and growls, and I love the detail of incorporating some of the original drum fills. The slot machine melody keeps it light, but everything else is pure filth. Genius.

This track is a good ambassador of his sound. From the get go you can see how he utilizes symphonic sounds (it’s actually called “Zero Symphoy”)but still keeps it gritty. Around the 1 minute mark is where drop kicks, but throughout he mixes in tints of those clean notes. The guy has a damn good ear.

Photo from: Rudebrat Soundcloud


This is a huge, exciting step for San Francisco’s dubstep scene.

Low End Theory, probably the most recognized beat parties of Los Angeles, has come up north to spread the love. The first ever LET event in the Bay was last month with Daedelus as a test, and I guess it worked out because they’re back for more (the video above is from SF in January).

Unfortunately, we’re not getting weekly events yet like L.A. does, but the fact that this party is here really changes the game. Their resident DJ’s are probably the most solid in California and they attract killer names to headline.

The first regular installment of LET SF will be on Friday, March 4th. Astro-beat mastermind Flying lotus of Los Angeles will be headlining, along with L.A.’s Free the Robots, Matthewdavid and the local Shlohmo.

Resident DJ’s Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer, Nobody, D-Styles, and Nocando will be there as well, cutting it up until the wee hours of the morning. Like any proper event, this runs from 10pm that night til 4am the next day.

I think SFWeekly summed it up pretty nicely: “Let me waste no time getting to the point: Low End Theory SF is everything I’ve wanted a hip-hop/dubstep/bass/beat music/whatever party to be in this city for a long time now.”

The spot is 103 Harriet, and like many great things in life the event is 21+. You can score a presale ticket here for $15, or you can pay $20 at the door.

The event on March 4th will be video taped as part of the Low End Theory documentary, so look snazzy.

Here’s the full line up:

Daddy Kev


The Gaslamp Killer



Flying Lotus

Free the Robots


Dose One


Video: “Maiden Voyage”Alpha Pup‘s Vimeo

10 years worth of FlyLo, mixed by The Gaslamp Killer:

Hot Boxing the Cockpit – Shlohmo

A couple weeks ago I sat down with blogger and SF State student Lina Abascal and we chatted about San Francisco’s ever growing love of dubstep. She’s originally from L.A. and had some interested insights into that scene as well, and we both agreed there are some differences in a couple different aspects of the music.

Lina is a new intern for SFWeekly’s All Shook Down but has owned her own website, linalovesit.com, for years and has been writing for culture hub grooveeffect.com for a while now too.

The audio above is a chopped version of the interview that get’s straight to the good stuff. Check out what she had to say about bass in the bay and what can be done to keep San Francisco’s dubstep scene thriving.

12th Planet may be a staple of the Los Angeles dubstep scene, but this week he’ll be in San Francisco. The producer/DJ/occasional MC is headlining EPR/DPR this Wednesday at 525 Howard, and this no doubt one of the biggest names that venue has seen.

Like a lot of producers, Planet started out making drum and bass but then hopped on the dub train and hasn’t looked back since. He’s spun at major shows like SXSW, Ultra, Coachella, EDC and last months Wobbleland; but I think seeing him in a fairly small venue like 525 would be a kick ass time. The smaller the venue, the crazier the crowd.

Aside from 12th, the night will bring us NiT GriT and Getter of San Jose, and K-Theory of San Francisco. And that’s only the people dropping dub.

On the electro side the names aren’t as big, but the fun should be. John Beaver, Disco Vader, Jays One + Kirin Rider, and Tyler Jackson will be putting down four-to-the-floor, so don’t leave your shuffling shoes at home.

The event page says 12th Planet and NiT GriT will in fact be in the big room downstairs, so keep that in mind as the night goes on.

If you haven’t been to an EPR/DPR here’s what to expect: a young, crowd that’s there for one thing only. And that’s to dance their faces off. It doesn’t seem to matter what the crowd size is, even slow nights with about 50 people end up being huge parties.

This event however, has over 900 people attendees according to the Facebook page. So expect insanity.

The original headliner was High Rankin, but some travel issues involving a visa stopped him from getting out to the states in time. I don’t think anyone’s too bummed though, 12th Planet is an excellent replacement and High Rankin will be out here on March 9.

Like always, entrance is 18+ and presales are $5 here. Get them early, the show will be $15 at the door because of the big names. Party is from 9pm-2am.

Video by: Jon Zombie Productions

Your low-frequency fix for the week can be found at Ritual on Thursday. The theme of the evening is ‘Ragga Night’, which event coordinators Irie Cartel describe as a gathering of “reggae inspired and infused dubstep.”

This weekly event is going back to roots on the seventeenth; mashing the no-worries vibrations with some serious low end funk. Ritual, which is held at club Temple at 540 Howard Street, will have five different acts busting out beats until 3:00am.

Locals Rastatronics and Djunya will be headlining the gig.

Djunya hails from San Francisco and started out as a drum and bass producer, but his style has evolved over the years to include hip hop, British style dubstep, reggae and more. His name has been seen on festival bills like Sundance, Ultra, Burning Man and a whole slew of others. Check out some of his music here.

Rastatronics is a San Francisco based producer/DJ and member of the MalLabel Music team, and it’s clear to see why he’s towards the top of the bill for Ragga Night. If the name is any indication, he mixes crisp, dreamy reggae samples with some serious sub-bass.

According to MalLabel, this gives his set a “singular sound,” which I’m taking as a smooth, irie set. The same paragraph says the DJ has shared shows with the likes of Rusko, Skream, Benga and others of equal weight.

Others that will be putting on the party at Ritual are Lud Dub (San Francisco), Rob I, Doug Surreal (Oakland), and resident Ritual DJ, Nebakaneza (Bay Area).

Like every Thursday gathering at Temple, Ritual is a free. The club says it can fit upwards of 600 people, has plenty of parking, and is an easy walk from Montgomery MUNI/BART stations. The night begins at 9:00pm and is restricted to those 21 and up; all beer from the tap is $3.

Video: Motion Eccentrica

I can’t stop.

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From the massive tents of the Coachella music festival, to sweaty, jam packed warehouses in England, dubstep and its following culture has taken the worlds youth by force. This bass heavy electronic music comes in all tones and tempers, but its uniting factor is a sheer adoration for oversized subwoofers, filthy melodies, and the party that comes along with them.

My name is Hunter Mulich, SF State student, and I am here because I am a certified bass-head. This blog exists out of a true love/lust for dubstep, and a need to pass my Jour395 class. It’s going to be focusing on all sounds that fall under the umbrella of dubstep here in San Francisco. Artists highlights/updates, upcoming shows and songs, pretty much anything that the SF dub lover should know is going to be here.

San Francisco has the luxury of being a dubstep hotspot. It’s an incubator for new producers, and a must-stop-tour-date for world class DJ’s. From weekly events such as Ritual and DPR, to huge parties like Wobbleland and Addicted to Bass, we get it all. And it’s not just the shows we get that make it so great, it’s the variety of womp-worthy styles. We get psychedelic doses from Burning Man DJ’s, upbeat anthems imported from overseas, pure grime from LA; and we mix it all up and make it our own.

Local talent like Blackheart, Luke Nukem, Getter, Dirty Beaver, Minnesota (the list goes on and on) are all evidence of this. The countless numbers of local producers and DJ’s show the girth of the growing dubstep scene in SF, which I believe is definitely worth blogging about.

Others seem to think so to. The dubstep community seems to congregate and thrive online through sites like Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. It is electronic music afterall. Blogs like Dubstepped and Bay Area Dubstep have popped up, giving local attention to local artists, but neither seems to be updated often and Bay Area Dubstep is just a Facebook page. Others like The Month in Grime or Afro Monk give good views in to the scene but aren’t localized in our area.

Forums seem to be more prominent than blogs in the online world of dubstep. I think this is because there are more people involved, making it more of a community than a single source. Music is traded, released, promoted, and tirelessly argued over on forums; everyone get’s the chance to put in their 2 cents. I guess that’s the good and bad part of forums. Check some of them out here: Your Dubstep, Dubstep Forum, Genxglow.

San Francisco based dub labels have also been giving support to local talent by releasing compilation CD’s. These are a great way to hear some local bangers and support them at the same time. Full Melt Recordings has already released 3 volumes of their BAD (Bay Area Dubstep) compilation, and MalLabel Music just released a compilation called Saucerface which features all west coast artists including the locals Getter and Minnesota who’ve been getting all sorts of attention from labels lately.

Production companies, like B33 and Vital SC, also help keep the local scene alive and happy. I’ve noticed those two in particular are great at bringing in international talent and mixing it with local artists which I think is important for artists and fans alike. It helps local artists network and get exposure, while giving fans world class shows. Wobbleland put on by Vital SC last month for example, brought in top notch names like Nero and Skrillex while having local favorites like Dirty Beaver open up the night.

The best way to hear dubstep and find new artists though? Going to shows throughout the City. Nothing can replace getting crazy with thousands of kids in a live environment, no matter how loud your living room stereo system is. The energy is unbeatable and you’re supporting local venues/businesses and artists at the same time. So go ahead. Put your bass-face on, turn that sub up to 11. Get bonkers.