Got haters? Get Digital Bill.

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Haters got you in a funk? Blast ’em with this.

Digital Bill created this six minute quick-stepping drumstep track called “Haters Anthem.” He’s a Las Vegas producer, but MalLabel Music from right here in the City sent it over for us to check out.

Now, there are plenty of technical term laden definitions out there on the internet of what drumstep is. But it’s exactly what the name is, a mixture of drum and bass and dubstep. And since they dubstep kind of grew out of drum and bass, and since they’ve fooling from the moment dubstep was born, there’s really no need to get too wrapped up in sub-sub-genre’s.

There’s plenty of delicious bass flying at your face, and that’s all that counts.

Quick hi-hat and a crisp snare keep the track rolling through with urgency. Wobbles whisk in and out, mixing with other dreery sounds that bring the song through different parts. Frantic is an appropriate word.

The beginning works up into a triumphant build, with which kind of sounds like a futuristic ant colony constructing a labyrinth in hyperspeed. About a minute and a half in, the beat breaks and bass begins to punish. It comes fast, like an overwhelming amount of jabs to the face. There’s even a sample of some bloke with a Cockney accent, for a good measure.

Admittedly, the first couple listens were a little overwhelming. There’s a lot of stuff going on in that track. But that’s presumably on purpose, as Digital Bill said “Organized music is for the weak,” when he posted this track on a drum and bass forum.

Give it a listen, and download it here for free.

Digital Bill has a new EP out via MalLabel, available on their site.


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