Another reason to love Minnesota: “My Dip In Da Club”

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been a fan of Minnesota since the the moment I heard his Too $hort remix, “Oakland Baby.” And “My Dip In Da Club,” a track he dropped on Tuesday, is just another that has sealed the deal.

His style isn’t what’s “in” right now – It’s not hard or heavy. It doesn’t bring the words ‘epic’ or ‘massive’ to mind. But it is groovy as fuck, and is never without a reason to bounce. Have a listen below, and download it for free at his Soundcloud.

“My Dip In Da Club” is a remix of a song by Gena, an East St. Louis hip hop artist who doesn’t have much of a namein the Bay, and most likely has never messed with dubstep. The choice is a gem though. It’s light, fun and full of swagger. Perfect choice for a club atmosphere, and a perfect choice for Minnesota to remix.

The beginning drips in with this watery xylophone sound, but it’s not long before the bass beats through and party starts. Gena’s chopped up vocals shine in and shortly after a nice little 80’s synth lead comes on. The beat and glory build until around 1:40. And then the fun begins.

The verse and bass line kick through along with the energy. From that point on it’s impossible not to bounce in – if not out – of your seat. From then it drops and rises for a pleasant five a half minutes.

Christian Bauhofer, as they call him in class at UCSC, dropped this track to celebrate reaching 5,000 followers on Soundcloud. I’ll cheer’s to that, but I can’t wait to hear this baby live. Hopefully we’ll have that opportunity when on Saturday, April 30 when he plays the HowWeird Pre-Party at KMR. Check out the event page for more info on that.

Big up on the track, Minnesota. I think Gena says it best: “Used to rock in my basement/Now I’m number one.”

Photo via: Let The Beats Flow


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