Hearts of Bass parties for those in need

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hearts of Bass has parties for a cause. The organization is trying to gather the people power of the bass scene and raise money for people in need, aiming from local youth to international tragedies.

The team is fairly new, their first official event was SF Bass For Japan on April 6, but they’ve got big hearts and big plans to support some worthy causes.

In the words of the creator, Sam Arroyo, the crew was put together for dance music fans to raise money for recent issues, like Haiti and Japan.

“I asked myself, what skills do I have that can help situations like this?”

After watching Japanese earthquake footage at his mom’s house in L.A., he decided to utilize his DJ and organization skills to raise some money. He had helped throw past parties through Surefire Sound, and had already starting his own label, so Sam wasn’t concerned about the technicalities of getting a show together.

“I was part of a few Haiti benefit events, and it felt good to DJ to raise money to help folks,” Arroyo told me through email. “Throwing SF Bass for Japan was a no brainer.”

There wasn’t any specific crew doing non-profit work like Arroyo wanted.  And so he and DJ Dials created Hearts of Bass, which isn’t a non-profit organization yet, but is in the works of establishing itself. They’re also creating a two volume compilation CD to raise money, called I Love Japan.

SF Bass for Japan, a benefit event thrown on April 6 at 1015 Folsom, was the first step for the group in getting established. But Sam says the plan is to focus on a wide range of events, like raising money for earthquakes and the homeless, as well as supporting safe dance music legislation and organizations for at-risk youth.

“People who love dance music are at their core, loving and good natured folks. I asked myself, how can we harness that energy and do more than just dance and drink and have fun? How can we help others?”


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