Wobble Wednesday: Live105 brings dubstep to FM radio.

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Dubstep has now invaded FM radio. Just another sign of the genre’s booming popularity.

The Bay Area’s Live 105 isn’t known for playing electronic music. Hell, they’re a huge CBS-owned alternative rock station that swears by the likes of Muse, the Black Keys and Weezer.

But not too long ago they caught the bass bug and kicked off a strictly dubstep show they call Wobble Wednesday, which the hosts think could be the first dubstep focused FM radio show in the States. There are plenty of online dubstep stations, but this takes it to a much more traditional platform; and brings some good music to those late night drives.

Dallas Osborn, the guy up there on the right, co-hosts and DJ’s the show with White Menace every Wednesday night. He told me how and why the show came about, plus a little bit more about the program.

“We decided to have a dubstep show because it’s a genre that’s starting to be embraced by the masses,” Dallas explained in an email. “We felt it was a time to give it a place on terrestrial radio.”

The two Live105 team members began plotting the show in late Januray of this year, and after a thumbs-up by a program director, the first edition aired on Febraury 16.

As a large radio station, they obviously play they bangers from big timers like Nero, Skrillex, and Rusko. But being from the Bay they also show some local love to producers like Minnesota, Amplive, and NiT GriT. They try to keep it strictly dubstep, but once in a while a bass heavy song, that doesn’t necessarily fall under the dubstep label, make’s it’s way on to the track list.

“If we feel it’s worthy of the show, we play it.”

But with such a global, diverse, and mostly underground scene, it’s not necessarily easy finding the right tunes to bump. Dallas spends hours searching the internet -Youtube, beatport, and listener requests on their website – to bring bangers to the airwaves.

“This is what takes the most time. We’re looking for hits.”

The first 30 minutes of the show is a mix of the songs they find in their digital crate digging. The two DJ’s like to spin up-beat songs with proper build-ups and nasty drops; a formula I can’t argue with. The next 30 is a mini-mix from a local DJ or producer.  Co-host White Menace recently tweeted at Bassnectar asking for a half hour mix, which is yet to happen, but would help establish the show.

You can catch Wobble Wednesday weekly at 11:59pm on the FM radio station 105.3, or after the fact on their website. Dallas says the response so far has been positive, and they don’t see the show or genre leaving anytime soon.

“When you have a new genre, especially one as polarizing as dubstep, many will consider it a phase. I don’t personally see it going anywhere.”

Photo: Wobble Wednesday web page

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