Newcomer Rudebrat Joins Vital SC

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We’ll probably be seeing a lot of this guy shortly, so here’s a heads up.

Rudebrat, known to some as Jake Bratrude, just recently joined forces with the Vital SC management team. The newly welcomed producer lives in Santa Cruz and goes to the UC there, but something tells me the venues of SF will soon be his second home.

After scoping a few tracks on his Soundcloud it’s easy to see why they welcomed his talent. His sound is an orgy of high intensity genres that is developed and ready for a packed venue.

His songs are a mix of the natural power of classical piano chords, the ADHD of glitch, the low-end of dubstep, and the inspiring synths of trance. And once in a while we get hit with a taste of metal; the squealing notes of a guitar solo or the repetitious chugs of a drop tuned guitar, watch out for screams as well.

This amalgamation of sound and style is  heard in artists like Wolfgang Gartner, Skirllex and Deadmau5, who all touch bases with the label Mau5trap. It’s a high energy combination of upbeats and breakdowns, melodies and mash ups, thats morphing style keeps it from getting too repetitious and boring like many electronic songs are prone to do.

He doesn’t have any show booked as of now, but that could soon change. Vital has become a staple name to the San Francisco dubstep scene after bringing top notch names to the Bay Area and being responsible for events like Wobbleland. They’re always around, such as High Rankin on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for the name Rudebrat.

Not many producers look to technical math-metal for a remix, but that’s what makes this so good. Abducted’s “Rings of Saturn” gets equipped with some sub-bass, but still holds on to those brutal riffs and growls, and I love the detail of incorporating some of the original drum fills. The slot machine melody keeps it light, but everything else is pure filth. Genius.

This track is a good ambassador of his sound. From the get go you can see how he utilizes symphonic sounds (it’s actually called “Zero Symphoy”)but still keeps it gritty. Around the 1 minute mark is where drop kicks, but throughout he mixes in tints of those clean notes. The guy has a damn good ear.

Photo from: Rudebrat Soundcloud

  1. Jevus says:

    Jakey jake. About damn time.

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