I can’t stop.

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

From the massive tents of the Coachella music festival, to sweaty, jam packed warehouses in England, dubstep and its following culture has taken the worlds youth by force. This bass heavy electronic music comes in all tones and tempers, but its uniting factor is a sheer adoration for oversized subwoofers, filthy melodies, and the party that comes along with them.

My name is Hunter Mulich, SF State student, and I am here because I am a certified bass-head. This blog exists out of a true love/lust for dubstep, and a need to pass my Jour395 class. It’s going to be focusing on all sounds that fall under the umbrella of dubstep here in San Francisco. Artists highlights/updates, upcoming shows and songs, pretty much anything that the SF dub lover should know is going to be here.

San Francisco has the luxury of being a dubstep hotspot. It’s an incubator for new producers, and a must-stop-tour-date for world class DJ’s. From weekly events such as Ritual and DPR, to huge parties like Wobbleland and Addicted to Bass, we get it all. And it’s not just the shows we get that make it so great, it’s the variety of womp-worthy styles. We get psychedelic doses from Burning Man DJ’s, upbeat anthems imported from overseas, pure grime from LA; and we mix it all up and make it our own.

Local talent like Blackheart, Luke Nukem, Getter, Dirty Beaver, Minnesota (the list goes on and on) are all evidence of this. The countless numbers of local producers and DJ’s show the girth of the growing dubstep scene in SF, which I believe is definitely worth blogging about.

Others seem to think so to. The dubstep community seems to congregate and thrive online through sites like Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. It is electronic music afterall. Blogs like Dubstepped and Bay Area Dubstep have popped up, giving local attention to local artists, but neither seems to be updated often and Bay Area Dubstep is just a Facebook page. Others like The Month in Grime or Afro Monk give good views in to the scene but aren’t localized in our area.

Forums seem to be more prominent than blogs in the online world of dubstep. I think this is because there are more people involved, making it more of a community than a single source. Music is traded, released, promoted, and tirelessly argued over on forums; everyone get’s the chance to put in their 2 cents. I guess that’s the good and bad part of forums. Check some of them out here: Your Dubstep, Dubstep Forum, Genxglow.

San Francisco based dub labels have also been giving support to local talent by releasing compilation CD’s. These are a great way to hear some local bangers and support them at the same time. Full Melt Recordings has already released 3 volumes of their BAD (Bay Area Dubstep) compilation, and MalLabel Music just released a compilation called Saucerface which features all west coast artists including the locals Getter and Minnesota who’ve been getting all sorts of attention from labels lately.

Production companies, like B33 and Vital SC, also help keep the local scene alive and happy. I’ve noticed those two in particular are great at bringing in international talent and mixing it with local artists which I think is important for artists and fans alike. It helps local artists network and get exposure, while giving fans world class shows. Wobbleland put on by Vital SC last month for example, brought in top notch names like Nero and Skrillex while having local favorites like Dirty Beaver open up the night.

The best way to hear dubstep and find new artists though? Going to shows throughout the City. Nothing can replace getting crazy with thousands of kids in a live environment, no matter how loud your living room stereo system is. The energy is unbeatable and you’re supporting local venues/businesses and artists at the same time. So go ahead. Put your bass-face on, turn that sub up to 11. Get bonkers.


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